I strategically consult, coach, and advise forward-thinking entrepreneurs, executives, brands, and creatives on how to challenge the norms and be first to do it first when it comes to Launching Profitable Marketing Campaigns and UnCloned Brands. As a result of working with me, my clients can expect to experience increased revenue, influence, and brand awareness.

If you are here on my website, you want to know how to work with me. I work with my clients in various ways to help them get a result. Most of my work includes helping my clients come up with marketing, branding, and business ideas, products, and services to launch, and strategizing and consulting to scale their business. 


Marketing is a unique experience for each client based on the goals and stage of the company. The best way for us to get started is with a 45-minute marketing consult. This consult is to learn more about you and your goals and how we can best support you. Please click the button below to book your 1 on 1 consult with a member of my team or me. 

Your Name is Worth Millions


If you've ever wondered why the expert-next-door is getting the cash and the clients while you secretly hate from the sidelines, this is the book for you.


Imagine that moment when the phone rings with the opportunity of a lifetime. Whether it s your first big client, that incredible book deal with a major publisher, or a speaking engagement at a conference in your city, your ducks need to be in a row long before the dollars show up on your doorstep. You want the visibility and the profits that come with it but are you really playing at a level that sets you up for the spotlight?


In this much-anticipated book, Personal Branding and Marketing Genius Audria Richmond cracks the code to building a brand one doable and deliberate step at a time. From creating an authentic personal brand to landing the right media opportunities, Audria's transparent, in-your-face-and-in-your-bank-account approach will help you to:


Develop ferocious confidence and show up on the business scene like a boss.


Identify the people who need your services and demand the premium rates you deserve.


Understand the 7 Phases of a Profitable Personal Brand and how to leverage each of them to become the must-meet expert in your industry.


By the end of ARE YOU READY FOR THE YES?, you ll finally get out there and make some noise and make some real money at the same damn time.


Published by: Building BIG Brands Publishing Release Date: January 17, 2017

Being Liked Has No Place Here


What if you could live in a world where you could do what you wanted to do, say what you wanted to say, and be who you wanted to be? What if you could finally release all of those broad, bold ideas that you’ve tucked away into the atmosphere? What if, from the tip of your Unconventional head to the bottoms of your Unrestrained feet you could just be free—to live, to love, to breathe? And what if you could do it all without the gripping fear of not fitting in, with anyone, anywhere?


Welcome to that UnCloned Life.


Beyond a book or brand, UnCloned Life is a state of being. It is a shift in mindset, an eclectic space where acceptance is granted at the door. Here, there is no such thing as a weird person or a crazy idea. UnCloned Life is the essence of freedom, expression, and humanity. Here, we just live—however we damn well please.


UnCloned Life: Seven Epic (Un)Rules for Owning Your Shit is a powerful manifesto for anyone who has ever felt excluded from the cool kids club. It’s a rallying call to the geeky, the quirky, and the quiet, questionable genius, beckoning them to come out from the shadows of self-consciousness and into the bright, beautiful light of I-don’t-give-a—(Well, you know what we mean).


By the end of this book, you will:


Embrace the truth of who you really are.


Release your reservations and inhibitions.


Redefine the notion of normal and stop tiptoeing around failure. Shake the spirit of conformity and find the courage to just be.

When moguls like Oprah Winfrey and Steve Harvey rave about the importance of creating a vision board, they focus on turning ideas into realities. And that’s where the “traditional” vision board falls short.


You see, placing pictures on a poster board to indicate your aspirations is a great way to visualize your dream life. However, if you want to live that dream life, you’ll need to create and execute a strategic plan to make that dream a reality.


And that’s where The Yes! Experience comes in. Created and designed by Branding and Marketing Genius Audria Richmond, The Yes! Experience arms users with the tools and guidance to transition from visionary to action taker.


No more cutting out pictures, permanently attaching them to a board and hoping for the best. With The Yes! Experience, you’ll get a beautiful 8.5” x 11” action-inducing book with 100 full-color pages designed for you to take action.


In the book, you’ll attach a photo of you and other photos demonstrating up to 4 desires. Plus, unlike with a traditional vision board, you can identify and devise a plan to overcome what’s blocking you from achieving your desires. From there, you’ll record the preparation needed to meet each desire and include an “Access Granted” date once that desire becomes a reality for you.


And the best part is The Yes! Experience is a year-round activity that you can do anytime not just at the top of the year. When your desires change you can add and remove desires as your situation changes or your mindset shifts.


The Yes! Experience also includes a companion event or course that explains how to get the best results from The Yes! Experience. Also included in this package is an “Access Granted Daily Affirmations” section that allows you to easily record your progress and celebrate your achievements every step of the way.


So if you love the vision board concept but have been desperately seeking a tool that enables you to take action on your “ask,” then all you gotta do is say YES to The YES! Experience.


Born to break ground, Audria Richmond is the Marketing and Launch Strategist you find when you know it’s time to scale your business model, automate your marketing and multiply your money. A visionary whose name will be spoken alongside the most celebrated innovators of her time, Audria has an imagination and a pulse on innovation that keeps her paces ahead of every industry. With her incomparable formula of business strategy, unquenchable creativity and tech-savviness, Audria is a force that is impossible to reckon with. 


An entrepreneur at her core, her hunger for success has built several business ventures from photography to juicing. Each endeavor led Audria closer to the one piece of her profit puzzle that she was missing —marketing mastery. Once she found it, the world was never the same. 


Since 2014, her consulting company has earned over $700K in revenue without an expansive team, proving that profitability is always possible as long as a genius is behind the scenes. Now well known for her disruptive take on marketing, Audria has become sought after for her ability to strategically map and implement talked-about marketing campaigns that lead to explosive results.


With one of the most unmatched and intriguing brands ever seen, including her signature UnCloned Marketing Method™, Audria is always challenging every marketing rule ever written—and replacing them with her own. A breathing billboard for her trademark tagline, “Be the First to Do It First,” her body of work is a passionate manifesto to business owners everywhere to take the risks with their marketing that will lead to the rise in their profitability. Through her bestselling books, first-of-its-kind app, and consulting, Audria has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and companies to stake their claim in the market, moving from doing it like everybody else to completely UnCloned. 


She is disruptive. She is brilliant. She is Audria Richmond. 

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